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Iron banner + nightfall 18th may - 25th may

Iron banner + Nightfall 18th May – 25th May

It is time for the weekly reset! Iron banner is live and you can get a new weapon in the Nightfall. Are you ready? In this article you can see all new weapons in Iron Banner & the Nightfall. Table of Contents Iron Banner Iron banner is live right now! There will be...

Destiny 2 Trials of osiris

Trials of Osiris 30th April – 4th May

This week’s map is: Widow’s Court. Trials of Osiris is live in the game now. This week's rewards in Trials of Osiris:Rewards3 wins: Exile's Curse - Fusion Rifle (Powerful)5 wins: Pyrrhic Helmet (Powerful) 7 wins: Pyrrhic Legs (Pinnacle) Flawless: Exile's Curse Adept (Pinnacle)Mod: RandomWhen does Trials start?Trials will start each...