Nightfall 8th June – 15th June

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Nightfall Warden of Nothing

Nightfall 8th June – 15th June

It is time for the weekly reset! Are you ready to play? In this article you can read the new weapon and map in the Nightfall.

Nightfall this week

This weeks Nightfall strike is: Warden of Nothing. The Nightfall comes with 5 different difficulties, each difficulty increases the enemy power level. Your chance of getting the rewards will increase on a higher difficulty. The following difficulties are available:

  • Adept (1240 power, matchmaking)
  • Hero (1280 power, matchmaking)
  • Legend (1310 power)
  • Master (1340 power)
  • Grandmaster (1360 power, 1335 required to enter) – available again on June 22.

Loot in the Nightfall

Nightfall loot this season:

    • Hung Jury SR4 – Scout Rifle <— This weak weapon
      Hung Jury SR4 Hung Jury SR4 Adept
    • PLUG ONE.1 – Fusion Rifle
      PLUG ONE.1 Adept PLUG ONE.1
    • Uzume RR4 – Sniper Rifle 
      Uzume RR4 Adept Uzume RR4

The previous exclusive weapons (Palindrome, Shadow Price and S.W.A.R.M.) will be returning later this season.

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