Grandmaster Nightfall: Proving Ground + The Palindrome

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Proving Ground

Grandmaster Nightfall: Proving Ground + The Palindrome

This weeks Nightfall the Ordeal is Proving Ground. The following difficulties are available

  • Adept (1230 power, matchmaking)
  • Hero (1270 power, matchmaking active)
  • Legend (1300 power)
  • Master (1330 power)
  • Grandmaster (1350 power, 1325 required to enter)

Nightfall loot:

  • The Palindrome – Hand Cannon
    The Palindrome
  • The Palindrome Adept – Hand Cannon
  • Adept Big Ones Spec
    Adept Big Ones Spec

All other 14 Adepts mods from Trials of Osiris are also dropping, but Adept Big Ones Spec is exclusive to Grandmasters.

Nightfalls in Season 13

A new season with 3 new Nightfalls entering the rotation! Let’s welcome Destiny 1 favorites Devil’s Lair & Fallen S.A.B.E.R.. The new strike Proving Grounds will be available starting March 23. Time to fill those Leaderboards!

Nightfall exclusive loot!

The following Destiny 1 weapons are making their Destiny 2 debut as Nightfall drops. Adept versions of each weapon are earnable via Grandmaster Nightfalls.

  • Schadow Price
    Schadow Price
  • The Palindrome
    The Palindrome
  • The Swarm
    The Swarm

These rewards are to be on a weekly rotation, in the order listed above.

Updated Conqueror seal requirements
To (re)earn the Conqueror seal you’ll need to complete the following objectives:

  • Complete a Grandmaster Ordeal strike with each subclass.
  • Complete 6 different Grandmaster Ordeal strikes.
  • Defeat 100 Champions in Nightfall: The Ordeal.
  • Earn the high score 150,000 in Nightfall: The Ordeal.

Gilding your seal
After earning it this season you can Gild your Conqueror Seal by completing all 6 Grandmaster Nightfalls:

  • Devil’s Lair
  • The Arms Dealer
  • Warden of Nothing
  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
  • The Insight Terminus
  • Proving Grounds

Keep in mind that Gilding resets at the end of every season.

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