Trials of Osiris 26th March – 30th March

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Trials of Osiris 26th march - 30th march-min

Trials of Osiris 26th March – 30th March

This week’s map is: .

Trials of Osiris will be live in the game soon, please check back shortly for updates on this weeks rewards and map.


  • 3 wins – The Messenger – Pulse Rifle (Powerful)
    The Messenger
  • 5 wins – Pyrrhic helm  (Powerful)
    Pyrrhic helm Pyrrhic helm Mask Pyrrhic hood
  • 7 wins – Class Item (Pinnacle)
  • Flawless –  The Messenger Adept – Pulse Rifle(Pinnacle)
    The messenger adept

When does Trials start?

Trials will start each weekend, on Friday at 9 am PST, 12 pm EST.

How to compete in Trials

To take part in Trials, you will need to be at least 1210 Power and completed the Entry Pending Quest from Saint 14, and you will need to get a Trails of Osiris card. You can purchase these from Saint-14 in the Tower Hangar. He will also sell Trials bounties and passages, which as special items that will “forgive” losses in certain situations.

You can also hand in Trials Tokens to Saint-14 in exchange for special Trails Engrams.

Once you have your card, and your squad, you can start Trials from the Crucible menu in the Director by clicking on the Trials of Osiris icon. This will only be present in the Director while Trials of Osiris is live.


Trials Passages

  • Mercy Passage – forgives one loss.
  • Ferocity Passage – your third win will count as two wins, as long as you have no losses.
  • Confidence Passage – grants a bonus reward from the Flawless chest
  • Wealth Passage unlocks at five wins – earn additional Trials Tokens from completing and winning Trials matches.
  • Wisdom Passage – grants bonus XP from Trials wins based on the number of wins on your ticket, only kicks in after seven wins.

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