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Proving Ground

Grandmaster Nightfall: Proving Ground + The Palindrome

This weeks Nightfall the Ordeal is Proving Ground. The following difficulties are availableAdept (1230 power, matchmaking)Hero (1270 power, matchmaking active)Legend (1300 power)Master (1330 power)Grandmaster (1350 power, 1325 required to enter)Nightfall loot:The Palindrome - Hand CannonThe Palindrome Adept - Hand CannonAdept Big Ones SpecAll other 14 Adepts mods from Trials of Osiris are...

Grandmaster Nightfall & Iron Banner

Iron Banner & Grandmaster Nightfall: The Ordeal

5% off with couponcode: 5OFF This week: Iron banner is back and a new Nightfall (The Arms Dealer). The Grandmaster difficulty of the nightfall will bring the adept weapon (Shadow Price - Auto Rifle). Get yourself this new loot here! PVENightfall: The Ordeal $18 $14 Add to cart PVPIron Banner $48 $43 Add to cart